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Lit Watch

Lit Watch

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Never lose your lighter again!

Gone of the days of scrambling around trying to find your cheap lighter that is most likely out of gas anyway. The Lit Watch is 100% windproof, easily rechargeable and the most convenient lighter every created. If you have a wrist, you've got a light!

Environmentally conscious design

A recent study showed about 1 BILLION disposable lighters end up in landfills a year. The Lit Watch is the best eco-friendly alternative to disposable lighters and you can be a part of saving the environment :)


More than just a lighter.. It actually tells time!

The Lit Watch wasn't just made to be a lighter.. it was also designed to be a comfortable, affordable watch that you can proudly wear at all times. Does the clock work? YES! Not only do you have some ice on your wrist, but you have a lighter as well.

Safe and Reliable

When designing the Lit Watch, we had to make sure it was safe and didn't damage the actual watch. That's why we implemented an automatic 10 seconds shut off safety feature, combined with an insulated layer on the bottom of the watch to prevent overheating and stop any heat being transferred to the watch or your wrist.

 Q & A

Will it accidentally set off if I am sleeping with it?

Absolutely not! You need to physically push the watch open to reveal the coil. And if it was opened it would automatically shut off in 10 seconds.


What happens if it runs out of gas?

The Lit Watch doesn't require any gas or fuel! The Lit Watch is battery powered and can easily be recharged via the mirco-USB cable in the box.


Can you use it to light cigarettes? 

Yes! The Lit Watch is the perfect lighter for all your smoking needs.